Vibelo Designs

Eco-Friendly Jewelry

Eco-Friendly Jewelry

It is the organic beauty of these components that makes this jewelry original, fashionable and unique. The eco components in the jewelry embody what reminds us of our planet earth. Each seed is charged with meaning that represents renewal and life through its own texture and color.

Vibelo Designs brings this variety of seeds together to compose a new Eco-Friendly concept in a fashionable way. Vibelo Designs utilizes plants from diverse sources such as: Azaid seeds from Brazil; Royal Poinciana seeds from Colombia, Tagua nuts from Ecuador and Peru, and other precious seeds found all over the world. Vibelo Designs symbolizes the bringing together of cultures through beautiful art.


Featured material : Tagua Nut

This seed comes from the palm species Phytelephas. Phytelephas comes from the Greek words phyton, which means plant, and elephas meaning elephant. The white hard seeds of this genus are also known as vegetable ivory, as the seeds are very similar in structure to elephant ivory and can also be carved into jewelry. Tagua palm tree grows in the tropical rainforests of South America.

 Tagua palm and Tagua pod before the seeds are removed and polished.




Tagua nut inside its shell, with the shell partially removed, and without the shell but with the hull


Tagua nut is used to make:






Eco-Friendly Materials


Buriti Seeds 

 Acai Seeds   

Red and Black Prayer Beads


Job's Tears


Orange Peels  Sea Hearts 
 Peach Seeds  Jacaranda caerulea 
 Sea Shells  Tagua Nut 

Christmas lima beans


Coffee Beans 

 Ox eye seeds Tento seeds  


Tips when buying Eco-Friendly Jewelry

Avoid spraying substances containing alcohol on our jewelry, as this may cause the dyes to run.  This includes some cleaners and perfumes 

Because we use all natural dyes and pigments, you may notice slight changes in coloration over time.